Uses of Art

Uses of Art

Art’usi plays with the name of the famous Italian cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi (1891) that, by chance, includes in his name the terms of Art and Usi (uses). The blog presents a series of hands-on experiences in the field of art history and its multiple applications led by the authors in museums, schools, universities, professional trainings, festivals.
Art’usi chooses the metaphor of the recipe to suggest varied uses of game, interaction, network, social media to enjoy and use the artworks as raw materials for new experiences in the field of training and edutainment.


Giochi ad arte: Art games: recipes includes a catalogue of experiences in different contexts (museums and exhibitions, classrooms, festivals, networks) and with audiences of different ages and backgrounds, in which are successfully mixed digital ingredients, technological innovations, presence, competition and collaboration. Look for posts tagged as Intervalli giocabili, to play in real time.

Musei da manuale®: Handbook museums presents an educational praxis based on the use of museum sites.

Novità e Letture: News and readings lead to a selection of sources and materials (sites, platforms, books, apps) on the matter of the of art history for training at various levels.

Events reports events and appointments related to the themes of this site.

Chi siamo /Participate presents the authors and give the contacts for information and contributions.

As with recipes, even the proposals here collected can be modified, customized according to the various contexts, purposes, ingredients and personal tastes. Not to be forgotten that even the algorithms that rule computer programs are nothing more than sequences of instructions and, therefore, basically recipes.